Walk through leaves

Walking through town today.  Fallen leaves, assorted browns and faded oranges, lie scattered along path.  Air is crisp.  Football game at the college.  Some sort of sporting event at the high school.  Dull roar of crowds from both fields.  Streets crowded with families and young people: elementary school girls playing tag on the church lawn; adolescent boys, effortlessly slender, strolling languidly in their hormonal pack; entitled fraternity guys in designer skinny jeans smoking vapes and laughing with perfect dentition.  I am unnoticed.  Heaviness descends, slows my gait to a shuffle as I walk through leaves, alone.  How badly I long for a friend, a lover, a smile.

Author: Thoughts, MD

Itinerant doctor | Intermittent blogger | Dilettante Photographer

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